About LCAP

LCAutoParts Supply Chain team mainly engages in the wholesale business of automotive parts, and has been committed to providing high-quality and affordable repair parts solutions for repair shops and car owners in various regions. It is a professional auto parts supply chain service provider. We have a warehouse of over 30000 square meters and also have dismantling sites distributed throughout China. We provide full vehicle disassembly parts/original factory new parts/brand parts. To meet the consulting needs of car owners, we are equipped with professional repair technicians and customer service teams.


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  • both new and old models

    Domestic models, imported models, the latest and old models, as well as discontinued models, have complete spare parts and can be dismantled as soon as possible. We can supply any spare parts you need.

  • High cost-effectiveness

    The complete range and high-quality original factory dismantling parts occupy a leading position in the supply industry of automotive original dismantling parts, with products covering repair shops of all sizes worldwide.

  • High quality

    Each accessory is guaranteed to be the original factory disassembled part of the original vehicle, which will be sent out after normal use after testing, and a warranty period of one to more months will be provided according to different types of spare parts.

  • Certificate of honor

    Our team has obtained various industry honorary certificates such as high-tech teams, which is worthy of the trust of numerous automotive repair shops around the world.


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  • Sells of fuel powered car spare parts

    Provide full vehicle accessories for traditional fuel vehicles, including engine, chassis, electrical appliances, exterior, interior, and other new or old model spare parts. We usually collaborate with multiple car manufacturers to ensure that we can provide the necessary accessories for various models of fuel vehicles. These accessories include main components such as engine pistons, connecting rods, cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, as well as auxiliary devices such as spark plugs, ignition coils, and fuel injection systems.

  • Sells of new energy vehicle spare parts

    Provide full vehicle spare parts for new energy vehicles, including various types of vehicles such as pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles. The product range includes core accessories for new energy vehicles such as batteries, electric motors, power electronic equipment, reducers, etc. We need to collaborate with manufacturers to ensure that we can provide accessories that meet the technical standards and specifications of new energy vehicles.

  • Malfunction/parts payment consulting services

    The paid consultation service for automobile malfunctions is a convenient, professional, and efficient automobile maintenance consultation service we provide, which can meet the maintenance needs of different users and help you obtain professional advice and solutions in solving automobile malfunction problems. You can consult with our professional engineers online to obtain specific suggestions and solutions for your vehicle. A certain fee needs to be paid to obtain professional diagnostic and repair services. Our team provides professional car repair services to help you quickly and accurately solve car problems, while avoiding unnecessary additional costs for users during the repair process, saving time and effort.


Chentian Auto Parts Market, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China